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organic fresh yogurt
organic frozen yogurt
steel cut oatmeal
handmade baked goods
blue bottle organic coffee

fresh yogurt:
Our yogurts are made in the hand-crafted, artisanal European tradition, with a California twist. We hand-pour local, Clover organic milk into our small batch pasteurizer to make our non-fat, 2% and whole milk fresh yogurts. Our fresh yogurt is just organic milk and probiotic culture – we don't use additives, preservatives, gelatins, colorings or even sugar. Once you try our delicious fresh yogurts with our carefully selected toppings, or take away a pint to enjoy at home, you'll never want to get yogurt from the grocery store again!

frozen yogurt:
Our all natural frozen yogurt is made on-site using our fresh yogurt as a base.  You can choose from three supremely craveable flavors: fat-free natural, 98% fat free valrhona chocolate and 99% fat free, lactose-free soy. And, yes, our probiotic culture survives the freezing process, so you'll enjoy all the same health benefits as you would with our fresh yogurt.

oatmeal and baked goods:
If you're craving a healthy breakfast or snack besides yogurt, we also offer a slow-cooked steel cut oatmeal, and a variety of baked goods hand-made by a good friend of ours, who shares our commitment to using high-quality ingredients and minimizing sugar and fat.

blue bottle organic coffee:
We also proudly serve coffee roasted by Blue Bottle, an organic Oakland micro-roaster that is consistently voted among the best in the country.

We are passionate about health, great food and great quality ingredients.  We hope you and your family enjoy your fraiche treats, and that you leave our cafe a little happier and healthier.










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